Other Projects

TASK –  Teacher Assessing Key Competencies in School: authentic task-based evaluation methodology

The TASK project, in which the IES Ribeira do Louro is a partner, was approved in 2015 within the framework of the Erasmus + Programs. The main objective of the project is to support teachers through the development of a methodology for the evaluation of key competencies, based on the exploitation and adaptation of the VINTAGE model, unrolled through a previous European project unrolled within the Grundtvig Program.

Website: www.taskeuproject.com

IQAIST – Improving Quality and Accessibility in In-Service Training for teachers

IQAIST aims to strengthen the professional profile of teaching staff by increasing teachers’ access to high-quality teacher-centred training

The main objective of the project is the development of training modules in the different partner countries of the project and the establishment of an international network and a consortium of the school in each country to encourage future access of personnel to on-the-job training abroad.


A Romani Multimedia Course for the promotion of linguistic diversity and the improvement of social dialogue

The main objective of the project is the development of a Romani course in multimedia format, based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) for levels A.1 and A.2. This course will be used by adults and young people is suitable for people with a low academic level. As complementary products, 3 units related to the language and the target group will be created.

Website: www.romaninet.com


“A European tool to improve the access and permanence of immigrants in the labour market”


– Contribute to immigrants’ access to the labour market and facilitate their social integration.

– Deepen the knowledge of the specific problems and needs of immigrants in the destination country.

– Create a web portal to serve as a reference for both immigrants and their supporters

– Develop a language learning course in an electronic format specially designed to meet the needs of immigrants, both in terms of linguistic needs and information.

Website: www.linguasnet.com

TRAVELCOM –  Improvement of the skills of itinerant populations in commerce and marketing, to improve their access and permanence in the labour market

The main objective of this project is to provide young people and adults of gypsy and itinerant populations in general, a training adapted to their needs and interests in the field of Commerce and Marketing and International Trade. Another objective is to improve the professional skills of the Roma population that carries out street vending activities.

Website: www.trainingtravellers.com

EURORESTOR – European course on a restoration of the stone and Web Portal, adapted to the new needs and training tools

The main objective is to develop a training program to be implemented in continuous and occupational training courses, through the development of a Webpage on stone restoration, where both individuals and organizations involved in the world of Stone Restoration can get information about design, supervision, construction, etc., or use it as a means of communication.

Previous projects:

 –  2007/2009 – European project Leonardo da Vinci innovation transfer “Inforadapt2Europe”, on safety at work.

More information:  http://www.epralima.com/inforadapt2europe/

–  2004/2007 – European project Leonardo da Vinci “Stoneviron” on stone and environment.

More information: http://salpro.salpaus.fi/stonviron/

–  2003/2006 – Joint Action project titled “INNOSCHOOL” related to the drop out the school.

More information:  www.innoschool.info


Collaborating center through the Xunta de Galicia


The main objective of the project is to develop an online platform to interact with physical robots or in a virtual community, to implement with them specific teaching units for adults with disabilities. This objective leads to offer this group the possibility of accessing a normal activity, such as playing with robots. Based on this basis, the project aims to help promote the inclusion of people with disabilities. For this purpose, the consortium has experts in this target group.

Involving parents in teaching / learning activities to improve the parent – child bond and strengthen their relationship is one of the main purposes of the project. The fact that there is a virtual community also allows you to play in pairs. For this reason, adults still in different places could also play together.

Website: www.gamesp.org


The main objective is to satisfy a need detected in the electronic environment. Young people interact through platforms whose parents do not know how they work and their risks and, therefore, do not have the possibility to control them.

ParentNets is an innovative project since so far, there is no other specific adult education program in this area.

The partners hope that parents have greater knowledge about their children’s Internet activities, with special emphasis on the detection and prevention of the risks that these new technologies entail for young people.

Website: www.parentnets.com 

“Project against racial school harassment and xenophobia”


Promote the use of ICTs in education for pedagogical purposes, specifically to investigate the link between the phenomenon of school bullying and the factor “ethnic-cultural diversity” in the classrooms, encouraging the active participation of both students and teachers.

  • Research results report: The impact of social networks on students, their use for pedagogical purposes in the detection and intervention in cases of harassment, exclusion and discrimination in the classroom.
  • PEDAGOGICAL MULTIMEDIA TOOL: Interactive 3D game with pedagogical aims to combat discriminatory behaviours, racism and xenophobia.

Website: www.schoolbullying.eu

Improve employability and European competitiveness by acquiring linguistic and cultural competences in Portuguese


– Create a series of innovative tools that promote and facilitate the acquisition of skills in the Portuguese language, highlighting the Brazilian variant, as well as greater knowledge of the culture of Portuguese-speaking countries

– Create Portuguese-language multimedia and interactive course, which will be used by both Portuguese from Portugal and Brazil.


– A report on the materials and multimedia courses available for learning Portuguese.

– A report on the linguistic and cultural needs of company personnel working with Brazil or other Portuguese-speaking countries.

– A Web portal to disseminate the project and which will include the multimedia course.

– A Portuguese language multimedia course, which will be used by both Portuguese from Portugal and Brazil.

Website: htttp://www.learningportuguese.eu

Competencies in Chinese Elementary as a means to improve the competitiveness of European Union companies.


– Improvement of the competitiveness of European companies through the acquisition of skills in Chinese language and culture understanding.
– Production of a Web with information about Chinese language and culture.
– Production of a multimedia Chinese language course.
– Products: – A web site.
– A Mandarin Chinese course in Chinese multimedia format focused on the needs of European companies


– A web site.
– A Mandarin Chinese course in Chinese multimedia format focused on the needs of European companies

Website: www.chinesecom.eu